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Bushido - Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Genre: Drum & Bass • Halfstep

Ghost Syndicate is ever so proud to announce the release of ‘Bushido’: a sonic code of honour that is not a must but a have-to when it comes to producing deep, dark, and heavy Drum’n’Bass with an edgy technoid backbone.

For ages, Bushido has been the set of principles that staples together those who follow the path of patience, wisdom, and strength. Today you’re finally given a chance to take the first step down that path; to exercise the virtues of a true warrior and polish your skills to a level you would never have thought achievable; to experience firsthand the quiet pride of a samurai who brings back peace & equity into this world with a single swing of his katana.

And when it comes to a warrior’s armoury, only the the most skillfully crafted items are acceptable, you’ll have guessed that by now. So prepare to work with absolutely unique sonic material that knows no compromise in terms of quality: edify your own warrior’s temple upon a solid firmament of beats and breaks; unleash the rough and unruly basslines to swirl through your tracks like dancing dragons; harden your walls with tempered synthetic fillings, and, finally, furnish your interiors with razor-sharp percussive & FX bits shaped distinctly like shuriken stars.

Each individual sound in this sturdy collection is like another word in the infinite book of producing principles that have glued the scene together for many years, and will continue to do so for many more to come.

So if you’re truly willing to live up to those, we’ll only be happy to guide you.

All loops and one shots are in 24 bit quality, neatly organized, key labeled with all loops sorted by tempo, ready to be dragged, dropped and enjoyed upon opening your DAW. 100% royalty free!

VIP Review Celt Islam 10/10

Oh yes Ghost Syndicate come again with another explosive epic producers package, well armed with some dirty rasping basslines and amazing freaking drum loops! I am really loving the high quality of the production from Ghost Syndicate and without a doubt have their own sound which stands out from most bass dub driven dance music. via Loopmasters.com

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  • Product Breakdown
  • Size480 mb
  • BPM170
  • Atmosphere Loops43
  • Bass Loops44
  • Drum Loops26
  • Hat Loops25
  • Top Loops26
  • Percussion Loops73
  • Kick & Snare Loops26
  • Fx Loops32
  • Kicks39
  • Snares22
  • Percussion Hits76
  • Hats40
  • Fxs14
  • Fills13


Bushido - Drum & Bass Sample Pack

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