Dystopia - Drum & Bass Sample Pack

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"DYSTOPIA" is the ultimate drum & bass sample pack for producers looking to add a touch of darkness and intensity to their tracks. With its focus on deep bass lines, heavy breaks, and dark synths, this sample pack is inspired by the break-heavy sounds of drum & bass. The pack includes a diverse range of drum, bass, synth and FX one shots, all expertly crafted to provide you with the building blocks you need to create your own dystopian soundscapes.

"DYSTOPIA" also includes a range of melodic combi loops, perfect for chopping and rearranging to fit the needs of your track. The included drum loops are split into three categories: full drum loops, kick and snare loops, and top loops, giving you full control over the rhythm and groove of your production. Whether you prefer to build your beats from scratch or work with pre-made loops, this sample pack provides everything you need to bring your drum & bass tracks to life.

Additionally, the pack comes complete with an Ableton Live Drum rack, making it easy to quickly build and experiment with different rhythms and beats.

Get ready to enter the world of darkness and take your drum & bass tracks to the depths of bass-heavy dystopia.

"DYSTOPIA" forms a perfect dnb production bundle together with IRIS and OBJECT: 140 Jungle sample packs.

“This series of packs is essential. A great richness and variety of sounds with a modern and sharp design. Designed for all lovers of hard-hitting new school drum and bass. Drum loops and hit drums are just perfect. Add any kick and snare from the pack to a top loop for a punchy and danceable beat. The basses are stunning, very technical and groovy. Synths and synth loops bring a particular flavor to each production. And all the ultra-useful content such as fx and atmos complete the file. Great art.” – Veak

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

Product Breakdown

Bass Loops 43
Bass One Shots 44
Cymbals 10
Hats 27
Kicks 40
Open Hihats 20
Percussion 37
Shakers 4
Tambs 3
Shuffles 23
Snares 45
Drum Loops 42
Atmo Fx Loops 3
Downshifter Fx Loops 6
Glitch Fx Loops 3
Riser Fx Loops 3
Siren Fx Loops 3
Sweep Fx Loops 2
Misx Fxs 7
Glitch Fxs 2
Riser Fx 13
Melodic Combi Loops 34
Kick & Snare Loops 21
Synth Loops 38
Synth One Shots 34
Top Loops 43
Bonus Drum Fx Loops 20
Bonus Stem Kits 20
Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack
Bonus Drum Loops 10

Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack

*Latest version of Ableton Live required

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are these samples royalty and copyright free?
Yes! 100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions.

Are these samples mix-ready?
Yes! All of the samples have been cleaned up, edited and mixed to immediately sound good in your DAW.

What genres can I use these samples for?
Our samples suitable for any bass music genre: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Grime, Trap etc.

How To Use Our Sample Packs

OK, you’ve downloaded the package. Now it’s time to make some new music!

1. Unzip the package (ZIP/RAR file). We recommend using WinRAR (Windows) or Keka (Mac) for that purpose. Both are free.
2. Place the sample pack into your samples folder, so you can find it in your DAW’s browser. It might take some time before it appears there.
3. Now you can simply drag and drop our samples into your project or sampler.

How To Install Ableton Live Drum Racks

1. Make sure you have the latest Ableton Live version installed
2. Download the archive with racks
3. Unzip it
4. Double click the .alp file
5. Select the destination for it (for example your Desktop)
6. Locate the created Ableton Live project file (eg: GS_IRIS_Drum Rack)
7. Open it
8. Enjoy :)

PS. You can save the drum rack to your folder of choice for quick access.

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Dystopia - Drum & Bass Sample Pack

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