Erebus - Dubstep Sample Pack

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Sporting another portion of all-round sonic solutions, Ghost Syndicate is back with EREBUS: a reckless dive into the depths of the darkest and the eeriest sides of Dubstep.

“Ghost Syndicate are killing it right now with their Dubstep Packs . I like the way they don’t go for the easy option of commerciality, with a very unique leftfield approach. I like this pack for its very dub influenced sounds and textures with a melancholic vibe with a very heavy vibes and dark undertones. This pack is chock filled with everything you need to stand out from the crowd. I love the fact you get the full construction kits which in my opinion is a fantastic bonus to recreate imbleshes, and create a different feel to the originals, but more importantly giving any producer in this genre and beyond the building blocks to get creative. Mostly everything you may need in this pack has been covered, from full Drum Loops, to Top loops, Percussion, FX, Music Loops and of course One Shots, Drum Fills and Synth Loops. So much choice and much much more, you even get Ableton Drum Racks which is a must in any pack these days and should really extend to all D.A.W! The only disappointment would have been Midi options and Kontakt Sampler Patches otherwise this would have been a 10/10.” – Future Dub Orchestra


EREBUS bears the name of the Greek god of darkness, and if you asked us if he himself had a hand in creating this pack, we’d say that was pretty much the case.

EREBUS stands out among our other Dubstep packs thanks to its dusty, almost lo-fi character, with muffled high-mids, harsh biting transients and bulky low-end.

Drum-wise it’s perfect for molding dark and viscous 140bpm grooves, thanks to its hefty kicks, face-whacking snares, rasping tops, and dubbed-out perc fillers.

The atmospheric side is inspired by the authentic underground sonics, and is comprised of haunting pads and chords, spine-chilling synth licks, and an array of dreary accidentals and FX licks soaked in reverb for best immersion.

And, of course, there’s the heavyweight low-end bearing the trademark of God of Darkness himself, with convulsive predatory mids ready to give the walls a nice shudder when combined with the viscous throbbing subs.

100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions

Product breakdown

Size 1.28 gb
BPM 140
Construction Kits 10
Bass Loops (including layers) 45
Drum Fills 9
Drum Loops (including variations) 20
Hat Loops (including variations) 20
Percussion Loops 9
Top Loops 20
Downlifter FX Loops 10
Impact FX Loops 10
Misc FX Loops 10
Riser FX Loops 10
Music Loops 21
Synth Loops (including variations) 33
Cymbals 10
Hats 18
Kicks 10
Open Hats 9
Percussion Hits 42
Snares 15
Bonus 46 Chopped Bass Loops
Bonus 88 Chopped Synth Loops
Bonus 10 Drum Fx Loops
Bonus 18 Dub Siren Fx Loops
Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are these samples royalty and copyright free?

Yes! 100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions.

Are these samples mix-ready?

Yes! All of the samples have been cleaned up, edited and mixed to immediately sound good in your DAW.

What genres can I use these samples for?

Our samples suitable for any bass music genre: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Grime, Trap etc.

How To Use Our Sample Packs

OK, you’ve downloaded the package. Now it’s time to make some new music!

1. Unzip the package (ZIP/RAR file). We recommend using WinRAR (Windows) or Keka (Mac) for that purpose. Both are free.

2. Place the sample pack into your samples folder, so you can find it in your DAW’s browser. It might take some time before it appears there.

3. Now you can simply drag and drop our samples into your project or sampler.

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Erebus - Dubstep Sample Pack

0 ratings