Fallen - Dubstep Sample Pack

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Sharpen your blades, and light the torch: this time you’ve been hauled into the murky, unwelcoming hollows of Dubstep with FALLEN: Ghost Syndicate’s new sample pack by bass music producer Nourma. This library will expose you for what you’re really worth in the game.

“A very good dubstep collection, offering the perfect kit to crush the dancefloor. The guest producer behind Fallen is none other than Nourma, a very talented Russian artist specialising in bass music and its derivatives. The pack’s brupt and angular rhythms and its granular atmospheres are in-your-face, true to the genre, but this artist has a rare gift of transmitting a “minimal breath” to all these usually violent sonic universes. The end result is a mature, cinematic and ultra modern collection, deserving of the greatest attention.” – KR Home-Studio Magazine


You are about to face the sullen dwellers of this post-industrial inferno. Make no mistake: they will haunt you through incessant rhythmic tunnels until you’re terminally out of breath. That’s right, you guessed it: they’re not a friendly lot.

Only by showing a sufficient skill set can you ensure your own survival in this sonic manhunt; and it’s by your prey that your value as a music producer will be judged at the end. Make sure you utilize your trophies wisely, and fuse them into some really wicked tunes – or they will keep coming, mockingly depriving you of your sleep and other comforts, over and over again.

See, it’s simple. It’s either you, or them.

And no weapons, dear subject, no. Only your native tools of survival will help you escape the deadly maze: your mouse, your keyboard, and your brain.

Think you’re up for a challenge like that?

Then open up your DAW, and enjoy the Fall…

Your foes in order:

  • Harsh and thudding drum loop & one-shot beasts
  • Rasp and piercing percussion chain blades & razors
  • Foreboding atmospheric pads to give you the creeps
  • Ghastly synthetic wails & accidentals
  • Nefarious low-range abominations

Product breakdown

Size 541 mb
Pad Loops 27
Bass Loops 45
Drum Loops 16
Hat Loops 16
Top Loops 16
Percussion Loops 14
Kick & Snare/Clap Loops 16
Synth Loops 34
Fx Loops 33
Kicks 17
Snares 18
Cymbals 15
Percussion Hits 20
Hats 26

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are these samples royalty and copyright free?

Yes! 100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions.

Are these samples mix-ready?

Yes! All of the samples have been cleaned up, edited and mixed to immediately sound good in your DAW.

What genres can I use these samples for?

Our samples suitable for any bass music genre: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Grime, Trap etc.

How To Use Our Sample Packs

OK, you’ve downloaded the package. Now it’s time to make some new music!

1. Unzip the package (ZIP/RAR file). We recommend using WinRAR (Windows) or Keka (Mac) for that purpose. Both are free.

2. Place the sample pack into your samples folder, so you can find it in your DAW’s browser. It might take some time before it appears there.

3. Now you can simply drag and drop our samples into your project or sampler.

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Fallen - Dubstep Sample Pack

0 ratings
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