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AZTECA - Dubstep sample pack (OUT NOW)

Ghost Syndicate presents AZTECA, a brand new sample pack to spice up your Deep Dubstep productions.
AZTECA is loaded with all the key elements of Dubstep sound: crispy drums, deep basslines, dark melodies and atmospheric fxs.

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Interval - Halftime Sample Pack

INTERVAL features punchy, hard and clean drums, heavily distorted basslines and twisted dark melodies, as well as one shots that are ready to drag-n-drop into your track.

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Desolate - Future Garage Sample Pack

Ghost Syndicate presents DESOLATE, a brand new future garage sample pack that comes in two parts.
Part 1 focuses on deeper side of future garage, while second part brings darker and more minimalistic vibes.
DESOLATE is loaded with all the key elements of future garage sound: skippy garage grooves, deep basslines, moody melodies, foley fxs and more.

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Raiju - Vital Presets Pack

Inspired by modern drum & bass tracks, this preset pack delivers unique and fully tweak-able patches for Vital Audio‘s game-changing synth plugin.

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Radikal - Dubstep Sample Pack

Building upon the influence of authentic percussion-heavy Dubstep prowlers, RADIKAL takes a more profound path and haughtily straddles the line between trippy lazer-driven rave bonanza, and classical creeping triplet-heavy Dubstep workouts.

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Erebus - Dubstep Sample Pack

EREBUS stands out among our other Dubstep packs thanks to its dusty, almost lo-fi character, with muffled high-mids, harsh biting transients and bulky low-end.

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Aeon - Dubstep Sample Pack

AEON by Ghost Syndicate is a truly generous treat for the Dubstep connoisseur offering an exclusive assortment of refined & measured, but still inherently twisted sonics – all available to you for free!

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Brand new Dubstep sample pack

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