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long awaited grime sounds

Hey Ghosts,

we have just dropped a very special Grime release: KNUX.

Inspired by Asa & Sorrow, KNUX features grim basslines, marching drums, sawtooth synths and arps blended with orchestral strings and bleep fxs. This exceptional mix of sounds creates truly unique sonic vibe, impossible to find anywhere else.

You can listen to the demos and get yourself a copy here:

What's included with KNUX?

230 x drum loops and drum one shots (kicks, snares, percs, hats etc)

81 x tonal samples (music loops, synth loops and one shots)

51 x bass samples (subs, mids, loops and one shots)

55 x fx samples

10 x stem kits

Ableton Live drum rack

10 x Drum kits (plus Ableton Live version)

You can go here to get your copy of KNUX.

- Artur // Ghost Syndicate

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