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Here's our weekly recap and news:

  • Trending packs this week
  • Gydra on HELHEIM sample pack:
    "Very good sample pack for creating modern drum and bass. Drums in pack with beautiful rooms and convolution. Will greatly refresh your drum loops. Also a good addition is the FX set in this pack. You can take any bass from this sample pack, cut it and make a complete track. All basslines are working. It sound fresh and very high-quality!"
  • PYTHIUS on EVOLVE sample pack:
    “Brilliant sample pack with a wide array of samples that will raise your tune to the next level. The samples in this pack are usable for not only liquid but for a lot of other styles of Drum and Bass as well, as they have a techy edge to them that sets it apart from other liquid packs”

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"Comprised of over 100 exclusive tracks from across the Drum & Bass and wider Bass Music spectrum, alongside over 30 pieces of bespoke visual art, with art direction by Uno (, we are proud to present our compilation project 'Together with Ukraine'.

We are incredibly grateful to the music community for supporting our initiative to raise vital funds for humanitarian aid on the front line. All artists and people involved have offered their services free of charge, and all revenue generated will be donated directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. We have set a minimum price of £12 for the compilation, but we would encourage everyone to give generously and donate a higher amount if you have the means to do so."



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Weekly recap, free downloads, tips & tricks

Protocol (Out now)

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Weekly recap, free downloads, tips & tricks

Brand new Dubstep sample pack

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